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Transformational Philosopher

John Hanley, Jr.

John Hanley, Jr. is an accomplished executive coach, corporate consultant and training professional. He is a Certified Group Facilitator through the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and Certified Training Professional through CompTia, an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge and skills required of a technical training professional. He has led dynamic multi-day seminars on leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales for over 30,000 participants. He has experience working with groups within the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and China. Past corporate clients include Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Anthem Insurance, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. Individual executive coaching clients include university presidents, corporate vice-presidents, artists, novelists, and small-business owners. John has trained and mentored over 250 training instructors from novice to expert ability. He is the author of Full-Tilt Boogie: Essential Coaching For Living Full Blast and In Love With It All: How To Create a Meaningful Life. He wrote and directed the educational film, Finding My Way, and invented numerous original training modules currently in use around the world. John graduated from the University of Southern California and earned a Master’s of Arts degree in philosophy from New York University.
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"The Odyssey, is a transformational workshop, thoughtfully unwrapping and setting aside self-fabricated obstacles, empowering you to take action towards your most passionate goals and dreams. The program offers an opportunity for living fully and joyfully in your relationships and career."
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

"The Odyssey Training has been the most transformational event I have ever experienced. I have done many other transformational trainings, but this is the training I was waiting for to fundamentally change my life and empower me to impact the lives of others in my community."
Tania Herbert
Managing Director at Guardian Life

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